Thursday, July 3, 2014

Do Women Drive Dodge Vehicles?

by A.L. Woods, Staff Writer

I love Jeep brand vehicles. The Jeep just seems to capture the total essence of my personality, and when I drive one I feel strangely 'linked' in to its character. Recently I decided that I wanted to upgrade my model but on going to the dealership I allowed the salesman to talk me into going an alternate route - with a Dodge. I had a little trepidation over that, and the first question that I asked him when he made the suggestion was, do women drive Dodge vehicles?

At the risk of sounding sexist, I don't think it's a stretch to say that over the years Dodge's primary target market has been males - alpha males to be exact. Everything about a Dodge screams muscle car, power, and aggression. Even the design lines are muscular and broad, like a man's broad shoulders.

I ended up buying a 2014 Dodge Journey Crossroad. So why did I break down and allow the salesman to talk me into ditching my beloved Jeep and taking on this cherry red beautiful icon of power?


The cabin in this vehicle is cavernous. It seats five comfortably and seven in a pinch. With a tribe of nieces, nephews, godchildren, and stepchildren, this kind of space is a blessing. Transporting is now a breeze.


The opportunities for storage here are amazing and have to be seen to be believed: under the passenger seat, on both sides of the driver's console, front and rear of the console, on the floor in front of each of the second-row passenger seats, and even in the cargo hatch.


The tech in this Dodge is breathtaking and was the deal maker for me. The driver's cockpit makes you feel like you're in a spaceship (an experience that I love). There are lights, bells, and whistles, and an 8.4" info/communications center that controls the car, accesses your phone, and gets temperature and traffic readings. All this and more.


When you hit the accelerator on this baby, it moves! I love how confident it is. To add to the experience, the driver sits up high and has excellent visibility all around. I feel like the queen of the road when I'm driving.


All kinds of safety features are built in, not the least of which are additional airbags which deploy between the passenger and driver in addition to all of the standard positions.


As stated, the communications center allows you to stay connected to your smartphone and to volumes of information normally found on the Web, i.e., navigation, temperature, traffic, and reviews. You can even purchase a subscription that will allow you to surf the Net while in the vehicle if you so desire.


I don't like getting lost - ever. With the Dodge I have two choices: use the navigation system or use Google Maps on my smartphone.

Cargo space

Transporting and moving are no longer a problem with the huge span of cargo space available on this vehicle. In addition, I can fold down the third row, second row, and front passenger seat to expand it even further.

Built-in booster seats (optional)

Some moms may have infants and toddlers who need booster seats in order to ride. Dodge has an option for booster seats to be built directly into the second-row seats.

Talk back to me! Any other ladies out there who get where I'm coming from? If so, what made you disregard the Dodge "image" and push forward and purchase one?
I'm feeling pretty certain right now that there other women beside me who drive a Dodge.

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*Photo: Chuck Coker via Flickr