Friday, January 30, 2015

Apple vs. Google

by A.L. Woods, Staff Writer

Is there a clear winner in the battle of the phone wars? You be the judge. Apple and Google continue to square off as each lay claim to being the most innovative in software development and the best and most durable in design build. Even beyond this the two major manufacturers in the game, Apple and Samsung, have had a running legal battle going on for years, inspiring a passionate divide within the global cell phone user community with the different camps drawing clear marks in the sand.

Operating Systems

Apple, of course, uses its proprietary iOS 7 in its famous iPhone brand. Google uses its widely popular Android operating system in a variety of mobile devices suitable for every budget and preference. iOS 7 is best known for its elegant user interface and for being so user friendly that even a child can use it with only a short learning curve. Android is known for its extensive customization ability and is favored by the tech savvy community and those mobile users who designate themselves as power users. iOS 7 is only used in Apple products while the Android OS, as stated above, is used by a variety of phone manufacturers.

Design Build

Apple's design build is legendary for emanating an air of high quality. Using a combination of metal and glass the iPhone is beautiful to behold and fits naturally in the hand. The only downside to this is that they typically tend to be prone to easy damage if not carried in cases specifically constructed for protection. Phones which are powered by the Android OS generally tend to employ a less expensive choice of build materials, most notably plastic, in order to keep costs and the weight of the phone(s) down and appeal to a wider range of users based on economics. Despite this Android phones still have their own unique beauty.

Whose Side are You On?

So, again, the question begs an answer: Is there a clear winner in the battle of the phone wars? Both iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) have firmly established themselves as the world's two most popular operating systems and each have a strong passionate user following. In the final analysis, though, there's no one right answer as each individual must determine for himself which phone best fits his budget, user patterns, and preferences.

Which side do you fall on? Apple fanboy or Android aficionado?

[Originally published on Yahoo! Voices on xxx (no longer published there).]