Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Work at Home Tip: Get a Comfortable Chair

by A.L. Woods, Staff Writer

At the time of this writing, I've been working from home for at least 25 years, and I truly love it. I've tried going back into office work a couple of times, but it just didn't agree with me. Most people who work from home tend to have sedentary jobs. In these kinds of circumstances, an important work-at-home tip is that you get a comfortable chair.

As I sit here and type this article I'm fumbling and fidgeting and writhing in pain. The reason why is that I decided to work from my kitchen table this evening instead of up in my home office - where I do indeed have a comfortable chair. The chair that I'm sitting in right now is all wood with just an excuse of a cushion on it. I can feel the discomfort in my back, my legs, my thighs, and even my neck.

In order to be productive (translation: productivity=$$$), I have to be able to stay in my chair for extended periods of time, and this just isn't going to cut it. I feel pretty certain that many of you have had this same experience.

Purchasing an office chair meant for prolonged sitting doesn't have to send your wallet into a tailspin. As long as you follow a few basic guidelines you can get creative with the 'where' of where you're going to get your new chair and take steps during the buying process that will allow you to shave a little money off of your purchase.

According to Spine-Health.com, the most important factors to consider in purchasing a chair are height, width and depth, backrest, seat material, arm rests, and swivel. Click on the link for more specifics on how to make your selection.

A simple clue is that you should not be slumping in any way as you work on your computer. Your body should be positioned in an almost straight line with your head tilted slightly forward. If you're feeling any discomfort at all, then you don't have the right chair.

Sitting in a chair not designed for comfort for long periods of time can wreak havoc on the body that may not show up right away, but, trust, the negative effects of such will show up with a vengeance way on down the road.

Have any of you ever had to suffer the torture of sitting in an uncomfortable chair for 8+-hours a day? How did you solve it? What kind of chair were you able to find that ended your discomfort? Did you have any ill effects from having endured it for so long?

Share your experience with us in the comments box below.

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