Friday, August 15, 2014

I Dream of Vacationing in an RV

Call me silly, but I've always had the lifelong dream of one day renting an RV (recreational vehicle) and going on an extended road trip with family and close friends. I can envision us bonding, laughing, and loving life together. And it seems that I'm not alone in this dream. There's a whole subculture of retirees, independently wealthy folks, and curiosity seekers who make it their business to travel the country in a "motorized home on wheels."

What are some of the reasons that one might want to travel this way?

Control of your time

When you travel by RV you and you alone are in control of your time. The world is a big-screen TV and your steering wheel is the remote.


Have you seen the latest generation of RVs? They're absolutely fabulous. Some of them are even luxurious. I've even seen some RVs that would make me walk off and leave my house and never look back.


Although gas prices are sky high right now, when you take your "home" with you on vacation you have a tighter control over the cost of your trip. It's your place of lodging. You can cook while on the road and don't have to scuffle with moving luggage from place to place.


What kid wouldn't love an adventure like this: seeing the world from a large moving vehicle where they can hunker down and get comfortable. They still can even have access to their TV, video games, and whatever forms of recreation they get a kick out of.


Think about it. You, your family, your closest friends. Traveling together, enjoying each other. The road would open up many opportunities for bonding and strengthening your relationships.


The easiest way to find a pet-friendly facility for housing your pet while on vacation is to take him with you while traveling in an RV. He can get comfortable and get settled. You can take all of his needs right along with you and establish a special place just for him in the vehicle.

These are just a few of the reasons why traveling in an RV would be the perfect trip for me.

Have any of you ever traveled in an RV? Please share your experiences below. I'd love to hear them. Let me live vicariously through you until I can get my own trip together.


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[Originally published on Yahoo! Voices on 07/02/2014 (no longer published there).]