Monday, August 25, 2014

Is SiriusXM Worth the Money?

With the purchase of my last three vehicles I received a free yearly subscription to a satellite music service by the name of SiriusXM. Initially I wasn't impressed. I mean, why did I need radio stations that I would eventually have to pay for when AM and FM were free and had served me well for many years? Eventually the renewal date loomed and I had to make the decision of whether or not I wanted to continue the service on a paid basis; thus, the question: is SiriusXM worth the money?

Here are a few reasons that I decided to keep the service and why it might be a good choice for you too:

More stations

At last site update, SiriusXM boasted of including 165+ channels in their top-tier subscription package: AllAccess. Programming extends across a variety of genres - classical, rock, Christian, talk shows, sports, traffic and weather, comedy, etc. There's a little something for every listening preference here.

No commercials

Blessed peace! This area alone makes it well worth the money for me. On free radio, the commercials sometimes can drag on for minutes and DJs can talk incessantly. Having sales propaganda forced in your ear on a continuous basis gets old after a while.

Portability across platforms

The top-tier program offers something that diehard musicphiles will absolutely love - you have one account where you can preset your favorites and listen to across a variety of platforms. Whether you want to listen in your car, on your computer, on your smartphone or even your tablet, you can take your favorite stations with you everywhere you go.

Great reception

The reception is phenomenal. Rarely, if ever, do you encounter any dead spots. Stations are, after all, powered by satellites. This coupled with a high-end listening system makes for a breathtaking musical experience. You literally can listen to your favorite station just about anywhere you go in the world with complete and absolute clarity.

Online management

SiriusXM makes everything so convenient. You can manage your account online and also research new stations and manage the ones that you already have added to your favorites list via the Web.


There are different subscription pricing tiers that are suitable for a variety of budgets. If you can get past the idea of actually having to pay to listen to the radio, you should be able to afford this service.

What about you? Any SiriusXM subscribers out there? What has been your experience with the service? Sound off in the comments box below.

Personal experience

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