Saturday, August 2, 2014

'Reign': What Does the Future Hold for Bash and Kenna?

by A.L. Woods, Staff Writer

New show a surprising success

One of the hottest new shows to hit the TV waves is the breakout success, "Reign." Although there have been many plot twists and turns during this first season, very few fans foresaw one of the greatest manipulations of them all: that King Henry's mistress Kenna would be forced to marry his illegitimate son Bash. As viewers impatiently wait for the new season to debut the question continues to arise: what does the future hold for Bash and Kenna?

'Benna' begins

Despite having a slight disdain for one another during the initial episodes of the show the pair exhibited a fiery chemistry when they finally acquiesced to the harsh reality of their marriage. They consummated their union by mutual agreement and have worked cooperatively to subtly intervene in both matters of the royal Court and in the rescue of a young man slated to be the successor of the malevolent Darkness.

'Til death do them part

Can relationships birthed in the fire of crisis survive over the long term after the crisis has passed? King Henry is now dead and so no coercions outside of societal mores bind these two together -- or is there something solid and real there?

The couple seems to have committed to a lifelong relationship and to loving each other out of a sheer act of the will fueled by mutual respect, desire, and thwarted romance. Bash exhibits a tenderness and protectiveness towards Kenna that can't be counterfeited, and Kenna reciprocates with an air of affection and solicitation.

The question remains

Though a significant segment of fans rooted for a reunion between Bash and Mary, history cannot support this as a credible circumstance in the story line. Indeed, there really exists no historical evidence that Bash even existed, much less was wed to one of the young Scottish queen's ladies-in-waiting, one who also just happened to be his father's mistress.

So in the context of a popular TV show one can only speculate based on basic patterns of human behavior and the predictability (or not) of commercial scriptwriting whether or not Bash and Kenna will endure the test of time and go down in the annals of TV viewing as one of the most popular, and least expected, pairings in television land.

Sound off in the comments below. Are Bash and Kenna sealed together by their vows and growing love or will the pressures of Court life and remnant influences of past love tear them apart?


[Originally published on Yahoo! Voices on 06/29/2014 (no longer published there).]