Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Online Freelance Writing: Why I Do It

It's Not Just About the Money

by A.L. Woods, Staff Writer

As a freelance writer, my income success is fully dependent upon the frequent and consistent generation of content, whether it is in the form of blog posts, articles, books, deliverables for private clients, or whatever. In addition, it's important that I strategically diversify my income streams by writing for a variety of sites, owning and operating my own blogs, and taking on work assignments from a broad range of clients. When the field of online freelance writing was brought to my attention I thought that it might be a way to diversify in a new and different way.

When researching new writing gigs recently I stumbled across a variety of online sites that appealed to me. Actually I'd set up profiles with a few of them a few years back but never did anything with them. I also have a friend who has been a contributor for one of the more well-known sites for many years who has written an impressive volume of articles on assignment in the area of Business and Finance.

Long story short, I started claiming assignments and generating my own article ideas a couple of weeks ago, and to my delight all of them have been accepted thus far. I'm very excited about the idea of getting paid to write on topics that I enjoy, but beyond this there are three important reasons that I've chosen online freelance writing as one of my revenue streams.

I write for the exposure.

Online freelance writing can garner the savvy and well-written writer a worldwide audience. Due to the nature of their writing assignments not all sites give a byline, but the ones that do make it possible for me to have the potential to gain both new clients and new readers of not only the articles that I'm writing but of the books that I've written. This is self-promotion at its finest and easiest.

I write for fun.

I'm finding that after a long day of writing longer and more detailed deliverables, articles, blog posts, books, etc., for my offline clients, the topics that I write for my online writing sites are both relaxing and fun. Because I get to create my own article ideas the added bonus is the fact that I have the creative freedom to inject my personal authentic voice into what I write. My readers truly get to know me on a more in-depth basis.

I write to network.

The community forums at my online writing sites are outstanding. The vets there are very helpful and willing to answer any questions that I may have, and the Community Guides are quick and responsive. I'm forming new connections and have found many talented writers whose work I enjoy. I also have the opportunity to receive constructive feedback on my work while reciprocating the same.

In short, I'm finding that I love online freelance writing more and more each day. My online sites have been a lovely addition to my ever growing roster of writing gigs, and I look forward to enjoying a mutually profitable relationship with them for many years to come.

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[Originally published on Yahoo! Voices on 05/29/2014 (no longer published there).]