Friday, December 5, 2014

5 Reasons That I Love Jeep

My 2013 Jeep Compass
by A.L. Woods, Staff Writer

I love cars. I love them so much that up until a few years ago I would trade to get a new one every two years. I love discovering the variety and experiencing the "feel" of driving different models. Of late, my favorite vehicle is a Jeep -- a Compass to be exact. Here are five reasons that I love Jeep.

  1.  Jeeps are cool. Call it a mid-life crisis or whatever you want, but I feel youthful when I'm driving my Jeep. It's stylish, and the model that I drive could even be termed as elegant, if you stretch the definition.
  2. Jeeps are fun. The way that my Jeep handles is what I'd call 'perky.' It has all kinds of hidden storage space and all types of fun features, such as in-car speakers for your phone, an efficient navigation system, and you can even choose what mode you want to drive it in, e.g., automatic transmission or a pseudo-manual transmission where you can drive it as if it has a stick.
  3. Jeeps come in a variety of models. There's a Jeep out there for every personality type. Whether you're outdoorsy, practical, elegant, or suburban -- there's a Jeep model that will fit your lifestyle perfectly.
  4. Jeeps allow you to sit up high. I'm sold on the SUV experience of being able to sit up high. It just offers better visibility in my opinion and makes it easier for me to process transactions when I pull up to ATMs, drive-thru windows, and other kiosk-type scenarios where I don't have to get out of the car to make a transaction.
  5. Jeeps are practical. With my Jeep bad weather isn't a major limiting factor when I need to be mobile. Because of the drive system and the built-in safety features I can continue to navigate with ease under almost any circumstance.

If you're in the market for a new vehicle and have a preference for an SUV-type driving experience, please consider the Jeep brand. Millions have purchased them over the years and have remained loyal, so much so that you can find a number of social networking events geared towards Jeep enthusiasts.

For more information on the different Jeep models that are available, be sure to visit the company website listed in the sources section below.

Happy driving!

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*Photo: (c) Angela Lane Woods

[Originally published on Yahoo! Voices on 06/21/2014 (no longer published there).]